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Monday, 27 February 2012

Journeyman League match one

Played my 1st match tonight, I was paired up against my flatmate and his Circle Orboros!
It was my 3rd game ever and Simon's first with the Circle. (he's a big Khador fan)

I'm not going to write up a full battle report as it wasn't really that exciting. My deployment area had a wooded area just outside it on the right centre whcih basically allowed Simon to play hide in and around it. Anytime I was setting up shots from the Charger I was rolling crap damage and didn't capitalize. I need to get my own dice and stop using other peoples haha! I made a big mistake moving my Ironclad too early which then allowed his Feral Warpwolf to walk over and rip it to shreds. Stryker was then left in an exposed area and was set about by 2 Argus (which for the past 2 weeks, Simon has constantly been telling me are terrible terrible units)
It was a good laugh, looking forward to playing much more matches and learning how the other forces work. We have a really good spread of players mixing experience and armies in the tournament. I need to get out of the 40k mindset of playing defensively and get used to walked up and taking the hits like a man!
Getting a lot of joy our of Earthquake. I just wish I had more stuff to shoot with! I think the step up to 15 points will definately be the Black 13th.

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